Renew 67 has arrived

Every Friday from 2.30-4.30 the Oasis café space becomes a community space for a variety of hobbies and activities. These are run by the community for the community. Anyone is welcome to share a hobby or skill and anyone is welcome to join a workshop or activity. They are all free.  Or you can come and relax and chat, or enjoy the peace in our quiet area.

The activities are based around the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ which promote good mental and emotional health. To connectgivebe activekeep learning and take notice will hopefully contribute towards a preventative approach to mental ill health.

For more information and update check out the Renew 67 page.

Suspended Coffees and meals

We’ve been operating a suspended coffee and meals scheme since September and we are very happy to say that half of the scheme is working very well.  Thanks to the generosity of customers we have a lot of coffees and meals suspended for anyone to come in and ask for.  It doesn’t matter why you want one, and we won’t ask, so it could be as simple as you’ve come out without your purse and need a sit down, or wanting to treat yourself and a friend, or you might need a hot meal and a warm place to sit.  Whatever the reason. come in and ask your server and enjoy.