Apart from the Cafe Manager, everyone who works at The Oasis Cafe is a volunteer.  Each one has their own story to tell about why they are volunteering.  Some are doing it for work experience to go on their CV or to try out the hospitality industry, others have been off work sick and want to rebuild their confidence and stamina gently before launching back into full-time work.  Some volunteers are retired and have some free time so they want to get out and keep busy, as well as giving something to the community.  One or two of our volunteers have learning and other disabilities which mean that finding paid employment is very challenging. They enjoy coming along, becoming part of The Oasis family, working hard together to welcome customers and serve them with coffees, meals and maybe a bit of company.

Whether you’re washing dishes, helping to prepare meals, serving drinks or tidying up after customers, there is always something to do, as well as some laughter and fun, and a discounted lunch or snack while you’re there.

Whatever their reasons for coming, we really appreciate our volunteers because we know we can’t do Oasis without them.  If you would like to come and have an informal chat about volunteering give Debs a ring on 01530 456864, or email her on oasismanager@outlook.com