Suspended Coffees

When we started offering Suspended Coffees and Meals just over a year ago, we thought we would get a little bit of interest.  We were delighted that our regular customers were so generous, offering to pay for an extra coffee or meal for someone else and the board was quickly filled up.  It took a while for people to realise it was OK to ask for a Suspended but soon coffees and meals were being gratefully appreciated by those who needed them.  Sometimes this was as simple as “I forgot my purse” but we also know that for some this is their only hot meal of the day.  Others are grateful for the opportunity to be somewhere friendly and welcoming and enjoy some company in an otherwise lonely day.  Whatever the reason, those receiving Suspended are very grateful, and so are we; thank you to all our customers who have given a little extra that means such a lot to someone else.

We are going to carry on with Suspendeds, so if you would like to add the price of a coffee to your bill, or even a meal, we, and those who have them would be very grateful.